A very nice man posted this how-to on the Prego board one day and I asked him if I could save it for the "How-To" section of this website, he said "Sure!" Thank you Anson!
How to curl your Tonner Guys Hair
Posted by Anson on Prego 11/MAY/2005, 12:31 pm

The secrets are patience, steam perms (not boil perms), alcohol free super hold gel (the gel is used as a setting lotion and holds hair together when rolling, even the shortest hair will stick to longer hair), straws, Curling papers, Q-tips (to brush the gel onto hair as I go so their is less mess) and up to five steps per hairstyle (curling, waving, smothing, sculpting and cutting). I have been experimenting with straw sizes (anywhere from swizzle sticks to large Mc Donalds sized).

How to Steam Perm: (this works on Tonner guys and girls hair when rolled with straws and curling papers)

  • Boil a pot of water, and put boiled water into medium glass bowl, place doll over water (not in) then place white or light colored towel over doll and bowl and let steam permeate hair for 20 minutes, then place dolls hair in ice water till cold (I use a bowl of water with ice cubes), remove doll and pat dry with towel (at this point I remove rollers or let dry depending on how curly I want the hair).
  • Wash out gel with a clarifiying shampoo. After I get the style I want, I apply diluted gel to hair and let dry for hold.

    If you notice on my Basil and Sienna Matt I have made sideburns, that is very simple, I take small amounts of the dolls own hair and smooth with gel to sides of face before before steam perming then trim to desired lenth with super sharp scissors.

    All the hairsyles are style I've seen on TV, in Magazines or in ads in the papers. all the steps include steam perming except for the cutting step. Patience is very important, it may take 2-3 days to get the desired results.